Medium           Photoshop, illustrator, Rhino, Sculpting, Band saw, vac forming, styrene, cutting with a                                       scalpel, kemi wood, wood veneer, acrylic, Paint spraying cellulose paints.


This model is the Hans Hollien design of the Austrian Embassy in Berlin. This was a university project that was done as a team of two, working from the technical drawing that we had been given looking at the architects design. It was clear to split the building in to six separate parts between the two of us as each part look very different. We both took three parts of the building each.


We worked together discussing how we would make each part of the building and the materials that we would use. We also bounced ideas off each other as the model progressed; we were also working to a very tight deadline so we worked as a well oiled machine as time was essential.


There was one part of the building that was very organic. You can see from the photos that we made it in three layers in wood. It bowed out as it reached the roof as well as having a very curved roof. From this I did a vac form over the former, the first layer was in clear plastic for the windows then vac forming over that with a blue plastic to represent the outer wall. Once this was done I then scored the blue part to make a brick effect on the walls and roof by hand using a modified scalpel.


We got the building done on time and even made the building light up inside whilst also using fibre optics to add small dots of lights in the floors outside of the building.