Medium           Photoshop, illustrator, Rhino, Sculpting, chavant clay, vac forming, Lathe, Moulding, silicone                               moulds, fiberglass kemi wood, acrylic, Airbrushing, Paint spraying cellulose paints.


This was a project for a client that another student and I made in the third year of my model making degree. The client had a Lancia Aurelia and wanted two models made one for himself and the other for a friend in America.


We didn’t have any plans to work from apart from a technical drawing of the dashboard.  We decided with the client to meet up so that we could take some photographs of his car and take a few measurements as well. From this we worked out all the scales for the car that we needed to make the models.


I worked on the main body of the car sculpting it out of chavant clay which took two weeks to sculpt. From this we made a mould in silicone where we then went on to make the bodies for both cars out of fibreglass. I also made the windows for the car where I made up some formers and then vac formed over them with a clear plastic.


I went on to make the wheel trims which was made out of kemi wood using the lathe and milling machine. Once I had one, I then made a mould of this so that we could produce as many as we needed. I also made the dash and bumpers which were also made out of kemi wood. I sculpted them by hand then made again a mould of this so that we could make enough for each car.


We sanded, primed and painted the car bodies and parts ready for assembly.  With all the parts ready we assembled the cars which took us a day to complete.


The client was very pleased with the models. The blue car model is in pride of place in his office and the grey one that went to America arrived safely.