Medium          illustrator, Photoshop, Airbrush, Plotter, masking viny, masking tape, fine line tape,                                             Acrylic paints.  


This was for a client that had see one of my other clients motorcycle that I had airbrushed some years before, he wanted a similar overall design with some Celtic artwork on there too.  Many clients find it hard to visualise the final design so I work up a visual for them as you can see below, the visual consists of some sketching and then taking it in to illustrator to finish drawing the design, then taking it in to Photoshop to add the final colour scheme.


Once the client is happy with the design I then started with the silver paint splats, metal plates and rivets on all the components. The main fairing had to be masked and airbrushed on the bike as the design needed to line up where the fairings came together, as you can imagine this took many hours to do only then could I start to work on top of the silver with the Celtic art work, then last of all this was then sent off for lacquering.