Medium          3D Studio Max, Photoshop.


This work was for a company called Neutrik, a leading company of audio connectors such as plugs, jacks, speaker and power connectors.  One of their clients had seen all the technical drawing that they had produced for them, but could not understand the drawings or visualise the final result as he was unfamiliar with looking at technical drawings.


I was asked to produce some visuals of the technical drawings, so that they could show them to the client to help him see the final result. This work also had to be done to a very tight deadline with 10 different audio socket boxes to visualise and each box having to have two visuals - one of the box altogether on the wall and one with all the components exploding out of the box.


I was working on this with another person who produced all the faces and boxes apart from the first sample visual, which was done by me and then sent for approval from Neutrik, which they were very happy with, I then went on to model and add the materials to all the components that are in the boxes from the plugs, jacks, usb, etc.


Once we had all the components I made up the walls and floor of the room with the lights, and then placed the cameras into the right position where I then modelled the boxes altogether and as well as an exploded visual. The client was very happy with the end results and is looking to do some more visuals in the very near future.