• 3D Studio Max

  • Photoshop

  • pencil

  • pastels


This was the 3rd project using 3D Studio Max, which involved learning how other program files worked when importing them into 3D Studio Max, as well as learning more about the materials editor and lights in Max.


I used a CAD file which consisted of the walls, windows, desk, computer and chair. Imported these into 3D studio max and I then modelled the rest of the objects i.e. books, pencil pots etc. on the desk, shelves and the canvases on the walls. I didn’t come across any problems with working on a CAD file in Max. I modelled the drawing board in Auto Cad and once again imported that to the scene.


I then worked on the materials for the room and the outside of the window. I had only been using standard material up to now and in order to make things look even more realistic I started to work with arch and design materials, along with working more on bitmaps and bump maps too. I used some of my own artwork in the scene which I worked on in Photoshop to make them into bitmaps.


I played with the lighting, still using standard lighting at this stage, so that the city outside the window looked like it would if you were really there. I lit the bulb in my anglepoise light; I selected a standard material and made it the right colour that was required. I set the Self-Illumination to 100 which makes the colour more intense. I went on to the rendering menu and clicked on effects/ used Environment. In the drop down menu I chose lens effect, which then allowed me to select a glow effect so that the object has a glow to it. Also added a spot light above the lamp to give the effect of a spotlight facing down on the drawing board. I then went on to render the model in Mental Ray with Final Gather. I rendered an ambient occlusion of the model too, so that I could merge both renders in Photoshop to make the final image even sharper.