• 3D Studio Max

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Photoshop


This was my final project on my advanced modeling, animation and rendering  in 3D studio max, as with most of the projects a lot of work was cared out in my own time.

I was given the 3D model of the blank room where the mane ame was to make something to go on to the table, as you can see I chows to model a mandolin that had to be made to scale. I measured up all  the element in the mandolin to prduce the model. I also had to make up the wood effect for the body in photoshop, as you will see I had to make the outside of the wood a black shed so the it reflected the original wood on the body of the mandolin.other parts like  the name on the head stock was drawn up in Illustrator then placed in to 3d studio max.