• 3D Studio Max

  • Adobe llustrator


I touched upon the basics of 3D studio max in my Degree in Model Making for design and media, where I modelled and animated a plane flying through the sky.  I then went on to do a advanced modeling, animation and rendering  in 3D studio max. The criteria of the second project was to pick an object which had to be modelled to a 1/1 scale. From my photographs I had taken, I made the 3D model look as close as possible as the actual photographs.


I started by measuring the object, which I have done many times as a model maker, then in 3D studio max working with the geometry shapes of the object using modifiers such as edit poly, shapemerge, face extrude, extrude and turbosmooth. The face of the watch was drawn up in illustrator then imported into 3D studio Max.


At this stage of the course I was using standard materials and making Bitmaps and Bump Maps in Photoshop before linking them to a standard material to get the desired effect. Once I had the object modelled, I then went on to place the cameras in the scene in the same position as the photographs and placing the standard light in the right position, so that the shadow fell in the right place, just like that in the photographs.


I then went on to render the model in Mental Ray with Final Gather. I rendered an ambient occlusion of the model too, so that I could merge both renders in Photoshop to make the final image even sharper, which you can see from the pictures below.


This model was also used in my forth project to learn about Animation. This included learning about setting up the cameras up with a dummy and linking the camera to it, so that when you moved the dummy the camera moves with it, making the movement smooth rather than just moving the camera on its own.